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Aharan Company was established in Tehran-Iran in 1982 to produce size material for textile industries and drilling mud additives and offer drilling services. Our factories including Aharan factory (Kaveh industrial city in Saveh), Aharan south factory (Sirjan special Economic Zone), Aharan Hafar chemicals Co. (Khoramshahr), Poudrsazan Gharb (Mahabad), Haytak factory (UAE-Jebel Ali Free Zone), Aharan Waste Management Co. (Tehran) are manufacturing 130,000 Tons of powdered materials and 100,000 barrels of liquids every year which are 80% of all drilling mud additives. Aharan Company uses new experiences and technologies in production of powdered and oil based materials for drilling industries and by direct relationship with National Iranian Oil Company and using skillful personnel in its departments such as engineers in sales, procurement, production and manufacturing, and quality control is able to produce a considerable part of materials for drilling industries.